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Elegant Fondant Cakes
Simply Classic these cakes can be adorned to fit you needs


E1- Black Rose Wedding Cake
Hand sculpted black Pastillage roses adorn this stunning cake along with Rose vine, leaves and flowers all custom created in jet black Pastillage sugar.

E2- Classic White Wedding Cake
White on white, simply beautiful cake.
Initials of couple are center focus of cake
E3- Chocolate Branch Wedding Cake
Custom colored sugar Flowers cascade up
Branch made of Chocolate.

E4-Torn Between fondant Wedding cake
Pearled fondant drapes, pearls, Fresh flowers accented with Crystals create this original Donna Joy creation.

E5-Black sensation Wedding Cake
This original was created for Norma. A blending of three cake elements to make it Norma's Dream cake

E6-Simply Sedona Cake
Made for a true Sedona Princess. Five tiers of stacked and pillared cake. Sugar Stargazers and sugar leaves adorn the cake. Cake stand made from fresh flowers

E7-Second Love wedding Cake
Classic Fondant Drapes with Sugar flower accents

E8-Beautiful Catherine Wedding cake
This fondant cake is adorned with the pattern from the brides dress. Accented in sugar flowers matching the wedding colors

E9-Gold leaf Roses fondant Wedding Cake
Fondant Draped twisted on this ivory beauty. Hand molded gold leafed roses make this cake entwined.

E10-Chamange Fondant Wedding Cake
Even stacked wedding cake. Clean, elegant, unstated cake.
Sugar Calla Lilies adorn this cake

E11- Heart Garden Wedding cake
WOW- Look at these hand sculpted Sugar orchids and flowers. Donnas' passion.
E12-Vines of Wedding Bliss
Square wedding cake
Fondant Draped twisted on this ivory beauty. Hand molded gold leafed roses make this cake entwined.

E13 - Sugar Bamboo Wedding Cake
Sugar Astromeria, Bamboo and calla lilies custom created by Donna Joy.

E14-Forever Special Wedding Cake
Tears of Love, made this 5 tier beauty

E15-Sugared Olive Branch Wedding Cake
Fresh Olive branches dipped in sugar. Stacked cake trimmed with sugared sage leaves. Custom Floral riser created by Donna

E16- Drapes Forever fondant Wedding cake
Seven Canyons of delight. Donna complete this cake with fresh Flowers.

E17- White Bark Cake
White Bark fondant wrapped around cake accented a single strand of sugar flowers

E18- Ivory Lace fondant wedding Cake
Ivory lace scrolled over fondant, pearled sugar flowers

E-19 Vision of Uniting Wedding Cake
This Wedding cake Reflects the brides dress, Trimmed with Copper colors.

E-20 Burgundy Sugar Lily Wedding cake
This Stacked Wedding cake Reflects the brides colors, all flowers were hand sculpted in sugar by Donna to create this rich look.

Square simply Stacked Black 'n white Wedding cake
Less is more when it came to this Bride & Groom. Simple black dots, trimmed with a black sugar bow front and central.

Cornelli Lace Stacked Draped  Wedding cake
WOW! Hand molded Pastillage sugar roses by Donna Joy in a rich red. They look better than real roses.

Black Tango in Sedona Wedding cake
Dramatic swirls in Black. This cake has hand sculpted orchids and green by Donna Joy.

E-24 Sedona Love Red Sugar Rose
Wedding cake
Donna's Hand Sculpted deep red roses with black rose leaves make a statement.

E-25 Champagne Sugar flower
Wedding cake
Donna's Hand Sculpted these Champagne Calla Lilies. Accented in copper colors. The Cake is adorned in champagne Drama Swirls.

E-26 Aubergine Sugar Hydrangeas wedding
Rich and deep are the colors of the sugar hydrangea cascade.

E-27 Cherry Blossom Wedding cake
Hand made Cherry blossoms in  natural pale pink randomly placed on a single chocolate branch. Understated elegant.

copyright 2008 Sedona Sweet Arts. All Rights Reserved.
Designed by Donna Joy


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