Ordering Your Wedding Cake 

Your Name is the first step. Then date, time, and guest count, Reserving the top tier is another item to consider. Cake Flavors and Fillings are listed on the web. Below is a work sheet for your selection. Pictures speak a thousand words. Send a photo and some interpretation work can be done. Keep in mind that copy cat designs are not exact but as similar as possible based on the count, frosting selection, and flower selection to look as close as possible. The fresh flowers to accents your wedding cake can be sent to the bakery , the day before or morning of your wedding.

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Contact Name 

Bride Name ____________________________________   Groom Name: ________________________________

 Mailing Address 

City:____________   State: ___________  Postal Code  (Zip) ________________

Email:__________________________  Phone Number :_________________________

Wedding Date _____________________________

Location: __________________ Room: ___________________Reception Start time:     ______________

Serving Requirements: __________________Is the top Tier being Saved?  ___________

Cake Style (check one): Stacked ____ Free Floating ____  Pillar Style  _____  Other ______

Design Name or Number ___________________________

Cake Flavor #1 ______________Cake Flavor #2  _________________

Cake Fillings # 1  ________________Cake Fillings # 2______________

Frosting  _____________

Accents - Topper Decorations

Any and all toppers must be provided to Bakery Location. Sedona Sweet arts sends all cakes completed to the reception location.

Topper ____________Location  (top, under pillars)      _______________

Fresh Flowers_____________Bride & Groom Style________Both______

Pastillage, Sugar, Chocolate Type_____________________________________________________


Your Florist must Provide Loose Fresh Flowers to the bakery Location  

Florist information__________________________________

Comments __________________________________


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