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 Classic cake types Chef Donna Joy can make for you


White Velvet- A creamy moist white cake with the texture of velvet, can be marbled with Chocolate

Delightfully Chocolate- A fantastic moist rich devils food Chocolate cake. Using the finest European Cocoa.

Carrot - The one and only true carrot cake Fresh Carrots, pecans and Pineapple making this cake the moistest of them all.

Strawberry- The newest creation Strawberries ground into a velvet white cake creating a flavorful sensation. Pink in color.

Champagne- Pink real champagne in a moist cake, filled with Whip cream and strawberries are great.

Coconut- A delightful Moist Yellow cake with coconut shavings blended. within. 

Marble- That Great White Cake with Chocolate Swirled throughout

Banana-Fresh Bananas done like Grandma, moist the real deal

Spice- Looking for something different, Flavorful with all the right Spices

Red Velvet- Wow with just the right amount of everything. Red in color

Yellow- A classic moist yellow cake

Cheesecakes- Any type of Cheesecake can be prepared for your Wedding.  Cheesecake can be designed to appear as a Wedding cake, natural design, or be layered with another  cake type if you prefer

Flourless Chocolate Torte- Completely Flourless melt in your mouth. These tortes are done in the classic way topped with a Brandy Ganache and generally decorated with a White Chocolate Rose.


Cake fillings can be done in so many fashions.
For example frosting can be used between the layers or a Homemade custard or fresh Fruit.
 We have separated the types of fillings into groups to help guide you

Standard Fillings 
Are frosting style fillings

White Buttercream
Chocolate Cream Cheese
Cream Cheese



Custard - Cream Based
Pudding style Fillings

Bavarian Cream
Almond Custard
Hazelnut Custard
Lemon Curd
Rum Custard



Mousse Based Fillings 

Classic Chocolate Mousse
Raspberry Dark Chocolate Mousse
White Chocolate Mousse White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse
Passion Fruit Mousse
Mocha Mousse 
Chocolate Rum Mousse

Truffle Ganache Fillings

Classic Dark Ganache
White Truffle Delight
Lasagna Chocolates
Brandy Ganache
Pecan Bourbon Truffle
White Truffle Delight 



Fruit Fillings

Fresh Classic Strawberries
Classic Raspberry Filling
Lemon Curd




Whip Cream  with Fruit    Cream Cheese with Fruit





Cake Infusing

Cake can be done as in Tiramisu style.
Infusing the Cake in Espresso, Wine, or other adult pick me ups such as Rum.

Cake Frosting

Buttercream- A true sweet buttery frosting.

Cream Cheese- An awesome cream cheese butter Frosting.

Whip Cream- Is only recommended for indoor weddings during cooler months.

Fudge - For the non traditional chocolate lover.

Fondant- For that smooth look . Select American or European style. Donna even does fondant overlays....

White Chocolate Fondant- Smooth, sweet

Ganache- A chocolate lovers Delight

A Special Blend has been created to get you the flavor and look you want.

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