Accenting your cake                 


Toppers / Accents

There are many ways to complete your cake design. Style, colors, and placement
are the signature touch. Classic or Wild you can customize your cake to fit you design
 perfectly. Here are a few ways to accent you cake

Classic Toppers-Can be a Bride and Groom, a modern Dancing couple, religious, or
whimsical. Check out our on line store for a large selection of Classic Toppers

Sugar Bows-Pick one of Donna Joys Famous Bows.

Want a present a custom colored and texture Sugar Bow

Click on any bow to see your selection

Sugar Flowers-Donna Can custom tailor sugar flowers to match you colors.

Click on any flower to see more selectionFlowers



Fruit & Berries- Berries and Fruit are a refreshing way to accent your cake. Berries Fruit are beautiful n natural format but they may also be Glazed, Sugared, or dipped in Chocolate.

Chocolate- Chocolate can be Molded or free hand into Red Rock Topper, Swirls, Bows, Curls, cigarettes, Shavings. they can Be used Stand alone or be accented by Other items. Chocolate can also be used to wrap your cake.

Fresh Flowers- Are a great way to tie your colors and themes together. Your Florist may bring Donna the matching flowers for the completion of you cake or we can order them. Fresh Flowers can accent to top of your cake, they can Cascade down your cake, fresh flowers may be gently accenting the top, side and base, Floral rings. There are may ways to complete the look.