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Tilted cakes, Hand carved Cakes unusual and unique Custom cakes made just for you

Most important is that all of these cakes are completely cake! No fake portions.

copyright 2011  Donna Joy,  Sedona Sweet Arts. All Rights Reserved.

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GW-1101   Photographers camera cakes
Three cakes hand carved to create the setting.
Everything is edible including the film made from chocolate leather, The large camera bag is actually two tiers of stacked cake. No fake fillers

GW3-My Frog Prince Cake

Completely edible hand carved "Billy" the Bride kissed both her princes.

GW-1103   Nintendo Console cake

How fun a two tier Nintendo Console cake to celebrate

GW24- Kachina Wedding Cake

Pastillage Sugar Feathers hand sculpted, Completely made of sugar!!!!! Completely amazing cake. Ears, nose, sugar necklace and stand. This 3 D cake was a wedding cake.

GW-1102   Bre's Sweet 16 birthday cake

Princess for a day, Pastillage Crown and Mask created by Donna Joy. This animal patterned cake was created in Breana's favorite colors. A masquerade party theme cake.

GW1 -Tim's Flying Fish groom cake
Completely edible, Fish flying out of water catching a golf ball with logo on it. Only Tim could think of this!

GW-1104   Jelly Bean cake
Who's your Jelly Bean? Sweet Birthday Jelly Bean Cake

GW-1105   Cowboy's Birthday Boy
He loves his yellow duck, growing up a cowboy. Yellow Duck Molded from chocolate, Blue Cowboy hats adorn the sides, lasso rope trims this simple cake.

GW-1106   Cactus Cake

Two tiers of yummy cake hand carved into a cactus, Sugar Spikes finish it off.

GW1107- Indian Tepee cake
Cactus made from Pastillage and a Tepee adorn this cute 2 tier fondant cake.

GW23- Top Hat Birthday cake
Edible Top hat. This top hat was custom creation, Gloves, wand and brim of hat made from sugar.

GW- African Drum Cake
African Drum made of cake, Check out the chocolate drums.

GW1108- Helicopter Cake
All Cake hand carved into a helicopter.

GW2 -Pumpkin Madness Wedding Cake
This cake was created as a wedding cake the design was created in buttercream to please the Brides taste buds!

GW1109- Personalized Wine bottle Cake Birthday cake
Outside the box this cake was hand carved all chocolate, The labels were customized to the birthday girl name, location of birth ect

GW4- Purse Cake
Hand carved cake with a Pastillage handle

Crown Cake Grooms Cake
Hand carved and sculpted cake in the shape of a crown trimmed in gold borders and trim, jeweled.

GW-6-Wacked over you Wedding cake

GW8- Baby Shower Cake

GW22- Edwards Jones Corporate event cake
All the fun, streamers, balloons, and edible logo adorned this cake

GW9- Baby Block Cake
White Chocolate Ducks, Bottle, and baby pins adorn this Baby block cake.

Women accessory Cake-
Jewelry cake

A women accessory cake with all the items needed. Everything is made form sugar Necklace, earrings, bracelet, broche, lipstick and sugar scarf. How sweet is this?

GW11- Boy Scout Cake
Angle and featuring the different levels of boy scouts

GW1109-Graduation Cake
Check out the sugar pieces on this cake. Sugar Cap with tassels diploma on a whip cream cake celebrating a special graduation.

GW1112 Mr Met cake
Here is a great one All cake carved to make a MR Met Cake. Everything is edible, even the cap of Mr Met is a small cake

GW14-Mingus Union High School Reunion cake
 20 years
Matching the school colors drove this celebrations cake.

GW1117-Succenlent Cake

Love this cake ALL the succulents are made form sugar by sugar Artist Donna Joy! Unbelievable sugar work!

GW1113 Planet Mars cake

All cake carved with all the craters, planet mars cake

GW1114 Gluten Free Hand Sculpted Porche cake

Tough one! First we needed to carve the cake into a porche , but the cake needed to be Gluten Free. So we used Donna Joy's Gluten Free Delightfully chocolate cake. It so good you can't tell it is Gluten Free

GW1115 hand carved Baby Frog  cake

Sweet baby Frog hand carved form marzipan adorned with a Pastillage crown nestled on top of a chocolate ganache cake. Yummy!

GW1120 Camisole cake
Camisole Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday Cake

GW-18 Grooms  tux cake

GW1121 Wood Bark cake

How super cool, wood grain cake with sugar butterflies, lady bugs

GW1122 Guitar cake

Chocolate cake with Cherry filling carved into a guitar.

GW1123 Suitcase cake
Traveling cake, two tier cake formed to make a suitcase cake. All the stamps were places traveled to.

GW1124 Tlaquepaque cake
A two tier cake with the beautiful Tlaquepaque Bell tower as the top tier. Accented in edible Tlaquepaque logo cookies

GW1124 Pyramid cake

A three  tier cake created for the birthday of a history of Egyptian Art.
Lotus flowers and old Egyptian writing "Happy Birthday" adorn the front og Pyramid Cake

GW16- 21 Happy 21 birthday Cake

GW1118- Upside Down Cake
Paisleys, dots, and Sugar Fan Topper created a fun whimsical look on this upside down cake. The smallest tier is on the bottom. Cute Cake.


Seashell Cake

Tuxedo Cake

T1-Tuscan castle cake

GW-Fun Butter cream Cake

Buttercream Flip Flop Cake

GW-Brownie Wedding

GW Tart Wedding

copyright 2008 Sedona Sweet Arts. All Rights Reserved.
Designed by Donna Joy


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