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Sedona Birthday Cake

Birthday | Celebration Cake Menu Flavors

We do all our cakes made to order. Never frozen baked to order. We are able to do any cake flavor, here is a list of cake flavors that are popular.

Sedona Birthday Cake

Freshly made to order, our cakes are tall and layer with delicious cake and fillings of your choice

The standard birthday cake size is an 8″ TALL round. This cake is approximately 1/3 more cake than others. We also offer 6″ tall in many favors.

Cake Drizzles, chocolate, colored, candy, sugar, buttercream and cookie accents are available.

custom cake toppers

Custom Toppers and Figures made from sugar

Classic Flavors

Standard classic flavors may be done in other dietary options such as dairy free, gluten free or vegan. Please check for current list.

Specialty Cake Combinations

Pink Champagne Wedding Cake
Pink Champagne in the batter makes delightful flavor. Usually pared with fresh whipped cream & strawberries.
Delightful Chocolate Cake
Dark Delightful Chocolate Cake layered between Chocolate Cream cheese, and frosted in Chocolate Cream Cheese. Trimmed with a dark Chocolate Buttercream.
Classic Wedding Cake Raspberry filling
Classic White Cake with a layered filling of Homemade organic Raspberry filling. Three layers of Cake two filling in each tier. Frosted in a homemade gourmet buttercream.
Luscious Lemon
A homemade organic Lemon Curd layered in a white velvet cake frosted in a homemade white vanilla buttercream.
Chocolate Mousse Cake
A Chocolate Chantilly Mousse layered between delightfully chocolate cake. Frosted in Chocolate mousse, trimmed in a chocolate buttercream.
Vanilla Cake Chocolate Buttercream
White Vanilla Cake frosted and filled in Chocolate Buttercream. Three layers of Cake two filling in each tier.
Donna’s Famous Carrot Cake
Donna’s Award winning Carrot cake frosting and filled with Cream Cheese Frosting trimmed with vanilla buttercream

Mix & Match | Create your own Flavor blend

White Velvet-Classic White Vanilla CakeRaspberry -Homemade Organic
Delightfully Chocolate CakeA great rich chocolate cakeLemon Curd –Organic & homemade
Strawberry Cake –Fresh Strawberries blended in a moist cakeFresh Strawberries –Fresh Strawberries glazed
Red Velvet Cake
Classically pared with Cream Cheese Filling
Fresh Whip Cream & Strawberries
Fresh Whipped Cream & Fresh Strawberries
Pink Champagne Wedding CakePink Champagne in the batter makes delightful flavor.White Chocolate Mousse –Quality White Chocolate blended in Whip Cream
Donna’s Famous Carrot Cake –Classically pared with Cream Cheese FillingChocolate Mousse -Dark Chocolate Folded in Fresh Whip Cream
Spice Cake – Yummy Spice cakeCream Cheese (Cheesecake) Filling
White Coconut CakeChocolate Cheesecake
Lemon CakeButtercream
Chocolate Marble CakeChocolate Buttercream
Fruit Marble CakesCarmel Buttercream
Carmel, butter and cream filling
Oreos Cream butter

Gluten Free Options

White Velvet
Carrot Cake
Red Velvet
Fresh Strawberries
Whip cream
Chocolate Mousses
Cream Cheese
Chocolate Cream Cheese
Chocolate Buttercream

VEGAN Plant based Options

Vegan Cake TypesVegan FillingsVegan Frosting
Raspberry Organic
V- Cream Cheese
V-Chocolate Buttercream
Vegan Carrot Cake

Cake – Cupcake Toppings, sugar art, edibles & accents

Sedona Birthday Cake

Fresh Fruit & Berry Accents

Gold Drip Pink Buttercream Cake adorned with macarons, meringues, sugar flowers.

Style your cake with accents that fit your taste buds and themes

Here are few suggestions. Have another ideas we are always happy to create your dream cake. Just let us know.

Cake Accents & Adornments
Type Description

Confetti & Sprinkles
Edible Colorful
Buttercream Flowers
Edible Colored
Pastillage Sculpted Flowers
Handcrafted mementos. Not eaten, harden sugar will last your life if kept out of sun and in a dry location
Pastillage Sugar Succulents & Cactus
Buttercream Succulents & Cactus
Meringue Cookies
Variety of shapes and colors
Accents, Molded truffles, shavings, cigars, Shars and more

White, Chocolate, Carmel, colored cake drizzles add a great taste and look to your cake.

Oreos, Wafers, Biscotti accent the cake and make it tons of tasty fun

Fresh Fruit & Berries

Gold Drip Pink Buttercream Cake

Macarons, Meringues, Sugar Accents

Baby Frog Topper

Fondant Characters

Red Sugar Lilies Wedding cake
Donna Joy’s Signature Sugar Lilies

Sedona Wedding Cakes | Sedona Sweet Arts

Creating Edible Gourmet Cake Art

Serving Northern Arizona & Sedona Area Communities since 1993. Pastry Chef & Cake Artist Donna Joy would love to make you a custom creation.
By appointment only (928) 282- 4635

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