vegan carrot Sky Ranch Lodge Sedona wedding cake

Naked Wedding Cakes

The most popular wedding cakes are Naked, Semi Naked and Near Naked are still popular.

Semi Naked Sugar Succulents Sedona Wedding Cake

Semi Naked Sedona Wedding Cake with Custom Sugar Succulents

semi Naked Cake Chocolate Sedona Sweet Arts

Semi Naked Chocolate Cake adorned with fresh flowers

Near Naked wedding cake with berries Sedona Sweet Arts Sedona Wedding Cakes Donna Joy

Barely Naked Wedding Cake

Gallery of Naked styled cakes

Sedona Wedding Cakes | Sedona Sweet Arts

Creating Edible Gourmet Cake Art

Serving Northern Arizona & Sedona Area Communities since 1993. Pastry Chef & Cake Artist Donna Joy would love to make you a custom creation.
By appointment only (928) 282- 4635

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