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Donna Joy a pastry Chef and Cake Artist in Sedona Arizona has three website to target your needs:
Sedona Sweet Arts
Sedona Wedding Cakes
Donna Joys

She has been in business serving the Sedona area community for over 25 years. Donna Joy’s ® products are formulated by Donna herself with packaged foods being sold online on her sites and amazon.

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Sedona Wedding Cakes are custom create for you by Pastry Chef & Cake Artist Donna Joy, Sedona Sweet Arts

After 25 years of early morning wake ups Donna Joy operates schedule permitting, by appointment. (928) 282-4635

Donna Joy is enjoying her newly built certified commercial kitchen, designed by Donna.

Each and every cake I make is handcrafted.

Donna Joy

…do you want something over the top or simple?

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Sedona Sweet Arts

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Sedona Wedding Cakes

Custom made by Donna Joy
Sedona Sweet Arts
(928) 282-4635

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