Sugar Accents & Flowers

When one thinks of Sugar Flowers many think of the soft frosting type of flowers. Sugar art has come a long way and an old Art of Sugar has resurfaced.

Naked Wedding Cake with hand painted sugar flame calla lilies
Naked N-1 Flame Sugar Lilies

Sugar Flowers can be made in many types of mediums. From Chocolate, Gumpaste, Pulled Sugar, modeling clay, wafer paper and buttercream. How they look and the stability of them are different based off of the medium or ingredients used.

Sugar Belt Buckle, Sugar Lilies, sugar Accents flowers
Donna Joy hand sculpted sugar flowers
Sugar Red Lilies with black centers
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Baby Blue Roses in Sugar with sugar ivy and berries

Many things can be made from pastillage as it harden and keeps it shape. Gazebos, Bows, baby cribs, crowns, are just a few of the options that Donna Joy has made. The reason this type of sugar works is because of the hardening aspects of the sugar. It truly becomes as hard as bone china and depending on the thickness can additional textures in cracking and craze.

gold Sugar Orchids Buttercream Gold
gold Sugar Orchids Buttercream Gold

Pastry Chef and Cake Artist Donna Joy can create flowers in any of the flower types. Creating them in Pastillage Sugar give the sugar flower a unique look and allows the Sugar piece to last under the conditions of a special event like a wedding.
Pastillage sugar is used as the sugar hardens holding the shape of petals and leaves. The process of creating these gems is done by creating hand sculpting each petal and leaf making shapes, textures or impressions on each one.
These Flowers are NOT eaten become as hard as bone china. If you keep them dry and out of sun they can last for years. If you drop them they will break.    

Starry Night Wedding cake with sugar topper
Starry Night Wedding cake sugar Topper

There is a lot of work that goes into making these type of sugar items. Nothing is easy about create them. The shapes, textures, colors are sensitive to the tools and ingredients on hand. Matching those with the event. The process is time sensitive.

Freddy the frog appeared in movie His crown is made out of sugar
Sugar Crib, and baby

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