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vegan carrot Sky Ranch Lodge Sedona wedding cake

Naked Wedding Cakes

The most popular wedding cakes are Naked, Semi Naked and Near Naked are still popular. Semi Naked Sedona Wedding Cake with Custom Sugar Succulents Semi Naked Chocolate Cake adorned with fresh flowers Barely Naked Wedding Cake Gallery of Naked styled cakes

Stormy rustic chic Elopement Cake

Rustic Boho Wedding cakes

Bohemian, Rustic Boho Wedding Cakes bring authentic, rustic elegance to any size wedding. It brings artistic natural feel to the wedding. There are many combinations, styles to go. I love making them all. Here is a few real Sedona Wedding Cakes Donna Joy has made that fit in the Bohemian […]

Red Sugar Lily Cake

Custom Wedding Cakes

Pastry Chef & Cake Artist Donna Joy creates each and every Sedona Wedding Cake custom to match the couples needs. This includes every element of the cake, dessert or other culinary delight. Wedding Cakes can be made in many shapes and sizes. Fondant Wedding Cakes